Foster Care Welcome Book

Our Welcome Book is one of the first things we show new placements when they come to our home. We keep it near the Yes! Basket on their bedside table, and we typically read it together right after the social worker leaves while the child eats a snack.

This book is a huge hit, and we often read it over and over and over again with new placements. It’s also nice for older kids, because if they forget our name and are too embarrassed to ask, they can go to their room and look it up in the Welcome Book.

I think the Welcome Book is awesome because it really gives the child a sense of who we all are, our hobbies, and what rights they have in our home (specifically, their body autonomy). It sets the tone of our family from the beginning. I try to remember to pass it around at my foster parent trainings, because I think it’s a really low-effort way to connect with children from the start. I made ours on Shutterfly in 10 minutes. I think it was 15 dollars before shipping

If you’re taking in a wide age range of children, I could see multiple Welcome Books for different ages of kids being beneficial as well.

Below are pictures from our Welcome Book.


Thanks for reading!