Yes! Baskets

I think we can all agree that anything that makes our life easier is awesome. A huge majority of our kids in care have some sort of food insecurity issues. Starving, hoarding, or gorging themselves on food has been very common with many of the babes who walk through our door. 

"Yes! Baskets" have saved my sanity. I heard about them through a Facebook group (Parenting with Connection) and they have been the most incredible resource to create a sense of peace and security in our household. 

Yes! Basket our emergency care bedroom.

Yes! Basket our emergency care bedroom.

The concept is simple. Place baskets of food throughout the house that you will allow your kids to eat at any time- no strings attached. They can ask for a snack from the yes basket, and every.single.time you will respond with "yes." This has been huge for kids who come to us who have had food withheld from them in the past. Every time they walk past a "Yes! Basket," they get a visual reminder that they ALWAYS have food accessible to them. It's an incredibly easy way to show them that their needs will always be met and to create attachment. 

When new emergency kiddos come to our house, throughout our house tour, I explain what "Yes! Baskets" are and that they can eat from any of them, but they also have a special one, just for them, in their room. I mostly keep fruit, nuts, sugar free gum, and a granola bar in the yes baskets, but sometimes I'll also add in sensory activities like silly putty or stress balls- just so they always have the tools accessible to help them self-regulate if needed. 

So many of these kids have had such little control in any aspects of their lives. I try my hardest to say "Yes" much more often than saying “No.” Yes! Baskets allow me to say yes so many times a day, with little effort on my end, and it reinforces that this home is a safe one. 

Every morning the kids wake up to full Yes! Baskets. This has cut back on the whining, begging, and food hoarding dramatically. If you have a kiddo who has any food insecurity issues, I would suggest giving Yes! Baskets a shot.